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Google's New My Maps : Don't Upgrade Your Maps Just Yet

Google announced recently that the maps created using Maps Engine have been renamed New My Maps. The previous version of My Maps are now referred to as Classic My Maps. View more details about these changes here.

The Google Lat Long article includes this line :
"today you can upgrade all your content to the new My Maps, and enjoy these new options."

Warning: It is recommended to NOT upgrade your existing maps.

The reason for this is that the KML feeds available through the new My Maps do not contain the style information that the classic My Maps contain. The result is that if you import the KML into Map Channels or any other external tool the markers displayed are all the same plain white markers.

Classic Maps are still available at https://maps.google.com/?output=classic. Click on the 'My Places' link then click on the link labelled 'Or create with classic My Maps'.

You can continue to use both New and Classic My Maps, they is currently no requirement to upgrade all your maps. There is also no option to reverse the upgrade.

You can import KML data into classic My Maps. If necessary you can create a classic My Map and import the KML data from your 'new' My Map. To get the KML feed for a new My Map use this URL format:
http://mapsengine.google.com/map/kml?mid= + the MID value for the my map.
(The map must be publically listed to get the KML).

Hopefully the style information will be added into the KML generated by the New My Maps. Also a KML permalink visible to the map creator would be a useful addition. News will be posted here if improvements are made.

Google Maps Developer Commentary

It appears that these latest changes are a continuation of reduced support for independent developers by Google.

The new Google Maps were launched in May 2013 but there is still no full developer API, just the basic Embed API. There is no official announcement of a full API for the new Google Maps, see link. The current Version 3 Maps API was released in May 2009.

Although the v3 API is functional there are still a large number of unfixed bugs. When v3 API changes do occur they are often the removal of a feature rather than adding anything new, e.g. Removal of the Panoramio and Weather Layers. Google Earth is another area where there has been no support added for the v3 API although this was available in the v2 API.

As a result of the lack of support many other maps developers have now moved on to other mapping APIs. One of the main reasons I have stayed with Google Maps is for the Street View functionality which is not available with any other API. Having said that the v3 street view functionality is not nearly as good as it was in the old v2 API. There is also a major street view bug which I reported to Google over a year ago which remains unfixed (please star this issue when you visit the page).

Despite these issues Map Channels will continue to work with the Google Maps API and hope that Google developer support improves over time. I will also be exploring other mapping APIs to offer a broad choice of mapping tools.

Rob McMahon, Map Channels. 7 Oct 2014

Working With Fusion Maps

We have recently been working with the website BridgeMapper.com to create a map showing locations of bridges in their database.

The beta map for this project can be viewed at www.bridgemapper.com/wordpress and at fusionmapper.mapchannels.com.

This map makes use of regional polygons to help with navigation and filtering the map data. There are are 2 levels of regional polygons: states and counties. Clicking a state polygon will display county polygons for that state. The project includes a number of other new features and can be developed further.

Please Contact Us if you need a similar project developing or if you can help with the development and marketing of any Map Channels project.

29 July 2014

Map Channels v4.10

The Map Channels v4.10 update is complete now and includes a number of major new features. View a full change log on the v4 About Page.

Below is an example map which uses v4.10 provided by London For Free - the guide to free things to see and do in London. The site lists free events, walks, day trips and budget accommodation tips.

This map demonstrates some of the new v4.10 features such as styled map types, the geolocation button and the new info panel option.

The styled map types are provided by the shared repository at Snazzy Maps. The map below uses the Retro style.

Use Map Channels v4 to map KML, GeoRSS or Spreadsheet data feeds. Alternatively you can create an edit-enabled map which users can contribute to.

Map Channels Project Gallery

Click on an image to view the project page. Projects marked with * are located on an external website.

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Map Channels v4.10

Map Channels v4.10 has been released with a few new features and bug fixes.

The major new feature is the ability to set a styled map type for your map. Styled map types let you change the colours and elements displayed on the map tiles.

A gallery of standard styled map types is available to choose from, provided by Snazzy Maps.

The new release is applied when you update your v4 Map Channel settings.

16 Nov 2013

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Autocomplete Maps

Create a map to display Google Search Autocomplete results on your website. Autocomplete Maps are easy to create and have a range of options to customize the search process and display of results on the map.

View the Autocomplete Maps home page with links to a number of demo maps.

You can Create a New Autocomplete Map or manage autocomplete maps you have created using the Dashboard (login required).

Open Tour Map

Open Tour Map is a new website featuring collections of interesting places to visit around the world. Each collection is presented as a tour with an interactive map, street view, images and place information.

If you have a suitable tourism themed collection of places in KML format you can register for a free account and share your map.

Place data from Open Tour Map is combined into a Google Fusion Table and presented on the Fusion Map.

Visit www.opentourmap.com to discover more.

Open Tour Map

Map Channels on Twitter


Our new website at TeamMaps.com is the home for a number of new mapping projects.

TeamMaps.com Key Features

• Edit Enabled Maps: Add Markers, Polygons and Polylines
• Create User Accounts For Team Members
• Display Multiple Feeds
• Clustering To Display Large Numbers Of Markers
• Define Templates To Customize Data Presentation
• Integrated Google Places Search
• Filter By Name, Category or Feature
• Geolocation
• Custom CSS Styling
• Additional Layers: Traffic, Weather, Panoramio
• Mobile Mode
• Full Page Display or Embed Using Iframe

About Map Channels

Map Channels has been running since 2007 providing mapping tools mostly based on the Google Maps API. The Main Map Channels version 4 control lets you embed a custom map into your website or blog without the need for coding.

The service is free. You can use the map scripts generated by this site for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Get Started

Register for a free user account.

• Read the Map Channels v4 Tutorial.

• Also read the Edit Enabled Maps Tutorial if you want to let your site users contribute places to the map.

• Create a New Map Channel to embed your map into your website in seconds.

• Edit the map display settings to enhance your map's appearance and functionality.

Donate To Support Map Channels

Edit enabled maps and the local hosting option for Map Channels v4 are available to supporters.

Users who donate 25 GBP or more are upgraded to supporter status and receive benefits listed on the Donate page.

Supporters receive these benefits for as long as the site is running, there is no subscription time limit.

10 Jul 2014

Map Channels Hotels

Find your hotel bargain using Map Channels Hotels.

Destination City

Compare hotel deals from multiple suppliers with an easy-to-use search interface.
See hotels in Street View. Filter results by name or price.

Revenue from hotel bookings helps to fund the development and running costs of Map Channels.

Map Channels Events

View maps and calendars at Map Channels Events for upcoming events around the world.

Search for performer, venue or city

Other Websites of Interest

Street Cities hosts tools to embed Google Street View into web pages.

TripGeo is a mapping resource which hosts the Directions Map embeddable control.

Mashed World - featuring Street Tours and Worldwide Webcam.

EntCal - Event maps and calendars.

Team Maps - Mapping Tutorials and Events Guide.

Google Maps Mania - An unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, mashups and tools being influenced by Google Maps.

Mapperz Blogspot - The Mapping News Blog.

Google Geo Developers Blog - Official Google Maps API Blog.

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