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Google Maps API Key

Most mapping projects hosted on Map Channels can be added to your site simply by copying and pasting the embed code. These maps and do not require an API key.

You need to get an API key for all Version 6 Map Channels, if you are locally hosting a Version 5 Map Channel or Version 4 Map Channel or a Venue Map.

How to obtain an API Key

The tutorial video is best viewed full screen at 1080p

Visit the Google API Console and log in using your Google account.

Select the Google Maps Javascript API and enable this API for your account. Click on the 'Credentials' tab to obtain your key.

When you select the list of sites where you key can be used please select Then click on the 'My Profile' button in the top right and set your API key in your profile.

How to add your API Key to a map page

Edit the HTML of the web page and find the line containing

Add your key to the map api script line line using the ?key parameter.

For example:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


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