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My Maps Plus - easily embed Google My Maps into your website or blog. My Maps Plus is the forerunner to Map Channels and has a large collection of shared maps. It is recommended to use Map Channels for embedding maps as this site has a wider range of features.

Google Maps Mania - An unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, mashups and tools being influenced by Google Maps.

Google Maps API - Programming Google maps.

Official Google Maps API Developer Blog - Latest API News for Map Developers.

Google Maps API Tutorial - Mike William's excellent collection of tutorials and resources for the Google Maps v2 API.

Programmable Web - Authoritative source for Web 2.0 Mashups and APIs. News, analysis, and more. - Open Directory for Mashups & Web 2.0 APIs.

Google Maps Directory - Google Maps Directory covering mashups, tools, resources, developers, websites about google maps.

Hot Scripts - Directory that compiles and distributes Web programming-related resources, geared toward webmasters, developers and programmers looking for enhancing their Web sites and intranets with dynamic development tools.

Andre Lewis - author of DragZoom, GeoKit, and "Google Maps Applications with Rails and Ajax".

Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator - The ultimate solution for JavaScript. A useful tool to compress and speed up javascript code.

Maps For Free - provide the relief layer available as an option within Map Channels.

Codango - PHP/JSP/ASP/.NET scripts, resources and reviews. - UK road traffic reports and travel information using Google maps.

Ogle Earth - Ogle Earth brings you news about virtual globes, with a special focus on Google Earth.

MapCruzin - Providing the GIS tools, maps, resources to help you reimagine the world through maps.

Free Geography Tools - Exploring the world of free tools for GIS, GPS, Google Earth, neogeography, and more.

Digital Urban - Digital Urban is written by Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith, aimed at examining the latest techniques to visualise the city scape via digital media it covers a lot of the work going on at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London.

My Digital Life - Living Digitally and Electronically.

Google Operating System - Unofficial news and tips about Google.

Slash Geo - Slashgeo is a bridge across space and time to gather the community of the geospatially interested.

Mapperz - The Mapping News Blog.

Streetviewr - a user generated gallery of interesting Google street views.

Virtual Tourism - Video mapping of tourist attractions.

Google Earth Blog - Google Earth news

Old Ordnance Survey Maps - displayed using Google Maps with good UK coverage and a comparision feature to compare old maps with the current map. - create free animated loading images

The Society of Cartographers - Society founded in 1964 aiming to support the practising cartographer and encourage and maintain a high standard of cartographic illustration.

EM Maps and Graphics - Bespoke maps and graphics, Brochures & reports, Leaflets & flyers, Logo Design, Office Stationery. - Websites, Software and Internet Tips. - Good Google Maps code resource.

Snazzy Maps - A repository of styled map types for use with Google Maps. These styles are now included within Map Channels version 4.

JavaScript [Cheat Sheet] - a useful reference for key javascript functions.

500+ Named Colors with rgb and hex values.


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