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Map Channels v4 FAQ

This section provides answers to frequently asked questions related to Map Channels v4.

1. No markers are displayed on my Map Channel

This error can be the result of an incorrect feed URL or the feed data being in the incorrect format.
Go to the feed section (section 3) of the v4 Map Edit page.
Check that the feed preview is in the correct format, the feed preview displays the first 1,000 characters in a feed.
Download the complete feed from the displayed feed data link and check that the format is correct.
In section 3, you can change the feed URL if an incorrect URL was entered.
If you are using a feed from a google My Map check thatthe feed URL contains the '&output=kml' parameter.

2. Changes to my feed are not displayed on my map

Data can be refreshed manually for a map by checking the 'Refresh Feed Now' checkbox and then clicking the 'Update' button (in section 3 of the v4 Map Edit page).
Map feeds can be set to automatically refresh daily. This refresh occurs between 0000 and 0300 UK Time.

Other Questions

Please contact us for support if you have a question related to v4 Map Channels or any other site feature.


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