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Map Channels v5 Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Questions

1.1. How to find help

1.2. How many v5 maps can I create ?

1.3. What coding is required ?

1.4. What code is used to generate the map ?

1.5. Where are the maps hosted ?

1.6. How do I manage maps that I create ?

1.7. What data formats can I use for map data ?

2. Creating A Map

2.1. How do I create a map ?

3. Changing Map Settings

3.1. How do I adjust map settings

3.2. How can I choose the map tiles displayed

3.3. Can the adverts be removed

4. Embedding A Map

4.1. My hosting dos not allow ifames

4.2. How can I adjust the dimensions of embedded maps

5. Editable Maps

5.1. How can I enable editing of map data ?

5.2. Can I export data from an editable map ?

6. User Contributions To Maps

6.1. How can user contributions be enabled for the map ?

6.2. How do I know when user contributions have been made ?

6.3. How do user contributions appear on the map ?

7. Maps Displaying One or More Feeds (Non-Editable)

7.1. The map does not change when I make changes to the source data

8. Troubleshooting

8.1. The map does not load

8.2. No markers appear on the map

9. Problems Importing Google My Maps data

9.1. The My Map Generates An Error


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