Tour Maps (Map Channels v5)

UPDATE: Use the new Route Draw Tool to easily create a route and measure distance for your Tour Map.

Tour Maps display animated routes with street view and birds eye imagery where available.

Tour Maps combine features from Animated Route Maps and Dual Maps and work with feeds set up using Map Channels v5.

The birds eye imagery within Tour Maps is provided by the Google Maps API rather than the Bing Maps API that Dual Maps use. Although the Google birds eye coverage is not as extensive as Bing Maps there are some advantages with using Google Maps such as being able to drag and drop the marker on both maps. Where birds eye imagery is not available then regular maps are displayed in the smaller map.

In the 'Manage Your Tour Maps' section you will find a Tour Map link for each v5 KML Feed you have created. Click the Tour Map link to view the map and get the link to embed the map on your website.

Use the settings panel on the Tour Map view page to adjust properties such as the maps appearance and the animation speed.

View a Tour Maps demonstration of the Tour de France 2015.

Manage Your Tour Maps

To create a tour map first create a v5 Map Channel map or feed using a KML data source (such as Google My Maps).

Once you have set up your Map Channel there will be a link to a Tour Map displayed in the settings page.

Note that the KML must contain one or more polylines (routes) in order to create animated routes on the Tour Map.

Maps without polylines can be created but no animated routes will be available.



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