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Editable maps are an option within Map Channels v5 which allow you to edit the data directly within your map rather than using an external feed.

Only the map owner can edit the map data within the map editor page. Edit functionality is not available within the standard embedded copy of the map.

Get Started

Click the Create Map link (available in the Dashboard). Enter the map name and check the 'Editable Map' option. Optionally you can supply the URL of a KML feed (or Google My Map). Click the 'Create' button to generate the map.

After you create your map you will be transferred to the Map Settings page where you can adjust a range of settings for your map. There is also a link to the Map Editor page which allows you to edit the placemarks displayed on the map.

Add New Placemarks

From the Map Editor page click the 'Editor' link from the menu. This will display the editor panel on the left side of the map. Within the editor panel click 'Add New Place' then click on the map to set the point where the placemark is positioned.

You can drag and drop the marker to adjust the position. In the editor panel are a range of fields to enter the name, address, description, link, image and layer name for the new place.

Click 'Save' to store the new place.

Editing Existing Placemarks

To edit an existing placemark select the marker by clicking it on the map or within the index panel. An info window (balloon) will be displayed above the marker within which is the 'Edit' link.

Clicking 'Edit' will enter edit mode and display the editor panel with a collection of properties on the left side of the map. You can change these properties as required and also change the placemark position by dragging and dropping the marker.

To store the changes click the 'Save' button.

Delete Placemarks

When a placemark is selected (see above) a link labelled 'Delete' is displayed. To delete the placemark click this link and then select 'Yes' to confirm the deletion.

Manage Placemark Categories

Within the edit panel a collection of marker category images are displayed. Click a marker image to change the category of a placemark.

You can add a new category by entering the marker image URL and category name then clicking 'Add'.

Google My Map Category Markers

The marker set that was used in the original version of Google My Maps is available for selection within the sidebar. By default this list is hidden. Click 'Show' to display these markers.

Setting Placemark Street Views

A feature of Map Channels v5 which is not available in Google My Maps is the ability to store a selected street view for a placemark.

When editing a placemark drag the pegman icon from the top left corner of the map to a point near to the selected placemark. You can then adjust the pegman position to select the street view to display when the marker is clicked by a user.

If no street view is selected the nearest street view will be displayed (or none at all if a street view cannot be found). The default search radius is 50 metres.

Publishing Changes To The Map Data

Changes you make to the map data are not immediately available on the embedded map which other users see.

When you have completed your edits click the 'Publish' button above the map. This will copy the changes to the embedded map stored at the domain (The map editor data is stored at .

Using An External Data Source (Such As Google My Maps)

You can import a collection of placemarks to your map when the map is first created. Enter the URL of your KML feed (or the My Map URL) and ensure that the 'Editable Map' option is also selected.

Only placemarks without category information are currently imported. Polylines and polygons are not imported.

Data cannot yet be imported after the map is created. Additional import and export functionality will be added for a future release.

Beta Version Notes

Editable maps are in development and more features will be added over time.

The current version only supports single point placemarks. Polyline and polygons will be added for a future release. You can use the 'Directions' function to display the route to or from a selected placemark.

The project may still contain bugs. If you encounter any problems using v5 Editable Maps please Contact us with details of the bug. Please include a link to your map with the report.

 1  Click 'Editor' to enter edit mode. Click the 'Add Place' button then click on the map to set the placemark location.

 2  Enter the place details and select a category marker.

 3  Click 'Save' to store the new place.

 4  Click 'Edit' to make further changes. Drag the pegman and select a nearby street view, then click 'Save'.

 5  Click 'Publish' and upload the changes to your embeddable map.


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