Map Channels v5 Map Manager Tutorial

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You can manage collections of Dual Maps and Local Maps using Map Channels v5

See the project pages for Dual Maps and Local Maps for detailed information about each map. These maps display a single location with a range of additional information and maps imagery.

If you want to create a number of Dual Maps and/or Local Maps you should first create an editable v5 Map Channel. See the editable maps tutorial for more information on creating this.

Create a number of places to the map using the editor or by specifyign a KML import file when the map is created.

Go to the map setting page and select the 'Places' section. There are options here to display a Dual Map and/or Local Map link whenever a place marker is selected. Ensure the op[tion is set to 'Yes' for the map link you want to display.

When viewing the map you can copy the link directly and paste it into the code on your website where you want to display the Dual Map or Local Map.

Only the link is copied. You will need to edit the link according to the required map options. e.g. to display an embeddable map you should add the iframe code. See the Dual Maps or Local Maps project pages for reference.


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