Map Channels v5 User Contributed Map Tutorial

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Getting Started

First create a map with the 'editable' option selected.

In the map settings page go to section 3 (Feeds). Here select the 'Enable User Contributions' option then click update.

Maps with user contributions enabled have a menu command labelled 'Add Place'. Users can use this to add new places to the map.

Review new places within the map editor page. New places are marked in the index. Selet the place marker then click the 'Approve' link to add the place to the main map. Alternatively click 'Edit' to change the place properties or click 'Delete' to remove unwanted contributions.

After reviewing edits click the 'Publish' button to apply the changes to your published map.

This feature is currently in development, please let us know if you encounter a problem or would like additional functionality.

Example Map

Try the 'Add Place' function on the demo map below and add your marker to the map.


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