Street Tours

Street Tours is a new mapping project which lets you create a tour containing multiple street view locations. Within each street view panorama you can place clickable labels to annotate points within the panorama. Create Street Tours of outdoor or indoor locations. Ideal for tourism, real estate and many other types of web projects.

7 Sep 2017

Local Hosting for Map Channels version 6

Map Channels Version 6 Local Hosting is now available as an option for supporters. Donate to the site to get access to this feature.

31 Jul 2017


The supporter system will be changed in September 2017 from a one-off donation system to an annual subscription system. Users who have supporter status before September 2017 will not be affected by the change and will continue to enjoy supporter benefits without additional payment. Donate now to support the site and save money!

26 Jul 2017

Map Channels Version 6 Update

New option: the place information panel can be displayed in the side bar. Bug fixes : street view is correctly displayed in full screen for Chrome. The bookmark link is updated when the selected place changes. See Home Page for full details.

26 Jul 2017

Map Channels Version 6

The beta of Map Channels Version 6 is now available. Display collections of places with integrated search and directions services. Manage your places with the places editor and import tool. The expanded place view displays multiple maps, street view and place information.

3 Feb 2017

Photo Quiz Maps

Identify the location of photographs on the map. Explore random locations around the world.

4 Oct 2016

Treasure Maps

Follow clues to find a series of places using Google Maps and Street View. Create and share your own Treasure Maps with the simple-to-use editor.

4 Oct 2016


Two new map-based game projects are now available : Treasure Maps and Photo Quiz Maps

4 Oct 2016

Map Channels v5 update

A bug causing street view within version 5 maps to display incorrectly has been fixed.

9 Sep 2016

Animated Route Maps 2

Version 2 of the Animated Route Maps tool is now available.

10 Aug 2016

Dual Maps 6

The new beta version of Dual Maps 6 contains a number of new features.

4 Aug 2016

Featured Maps

The new Featured Maps page lists a selection of maps which have been created and shared by users.

18 Jan 2016

Map Updating and Publishing

Within the v5 map settings page there are now two buttons available. Update : saves the map and displays a preview without updating the copy of the map stored at Update and Publish : saves the map and updates the map stored at which can be embedded onto your webite. These features will let you test out changes without affecting your published map and to publish the map once the changes are complete.

18 Jan 2016

Panoramio Photos and Temporary KML Layers

There is a new option to display photos from Google's Panoramio image hosting service. When this option is selected click 'Photos' from the menu to view photos within the current map area. A new option lets you display a temporary KML or GeoRSS layer on the map by entering the URL of the layer when in 'Layers' mode.

22 Nov 2015

Secure Map Hosting Is Now Available For Mapping Projects

The option for secure hosting of maps is now available for the following mapping projects: Map Channels Version 5, Dual Maps, Local Maps, Tour Maps.

4 Nov 2015

Map Channels v5.03 : New Features and Video Tutorials

Many new features and improvements have been made to Map Channels v5. One major new option allows users to contribute places to the map (subject to approval by the map owner). Directions have been improved with more options. Routes can now be bookmarked and printed. A geolocation control is now available to display the user's location on the map. The tutorials and the FAQ have been expanded. There are 2 new video tutorials to illustrate creating a new v5 editable map and to preview available features. Info Windows can now link to Dual Maps, Local Maps and Tour Maps. If you want to display multiple Dual Maps or Local Maps on your site then v5 is now a useful tool to manage all these maps in one control. Thanks to all the users whose feedback has helped with development. Please contact us if you have any questions about v5 or other projects.

30 Oct 2015

Map Channels v5.02 : Editable Maps Update

Using v5 editable maps you can now import data from your Google My Maps and edit the data within Map Channels. Most of the original features of My Maps are available plus some extra features. New features include being able to select a specific a street view for a placemark, nameable place categories and a category filter/legend. Maps include integrated place search and directions services. UPDATED FEATURES: * Streamlined map creation process. * Re-organised menu (options and layers have been merged into other menu sections). * Improved import processing of KML data feeds (including Google My Maps). Marker categories, polygons and polylines are now imported. * Add and edit polygons and polylines. * Option to use labelled markers on the map and index. * Display a category filter/legend beneath the map. * Info Window links to Dual Maps. * More options for info panels. * Sort options for editable map data. * The latest Google Maps UI. Further features will continue to be added over the coming weeks.

17 Sep 2015

Map Channels v5.02 : Editable Maps

Editable Maps are a new option within Map Channels v5 which allow you to edit the data directly within your map rather than using an external feed. KEY FEATURES: * All the standard features of Map Channels v5. * Preset place fields : name, address, description, link, image, layer. * Assign places to layers. No limit on the maximum number of layers. * Create markers using the original My Maps marker set, or add your own marker images. * Select the specific street view to display when a placemark is selected.

3 Sep 2015

Tour Maps : Mapping the Tour de France 2015

Tour Maps are a new mapping project that let you create animated route maps with Google Street View from a KML source which you can embed on your website. View the demonstration to see how Tour Maps are used to present a map of the Tour de France 2015 routes.

3 Jul 2015

Animated Route Maps - New Features

Up to 8 'via' way point addresses can be defined. A bookmark option allows routes created by dragging way points to be saved.

29 Jun 2015

Map Channels Version 5 Improvements

Local Hosting and a few other improvements have been added for v5 this week.

20 Mar 2015

Map Channels Version 5 Beta

The Map Channels Version 5 Beta is now available for all users. There is a basic tutorial and also a quick start video tutorial. Please provide feedback on the project via the contact page.

18 Feb 2015

Map Channels Version 5 Alpha

Map Channels Version 5 alpha release is available for site supporters to try. Tutorials and documentation will be added soon. A beta release available for all users will be released at the end of the month.

8 Feb 2015

Street Earth Maps

Street Earth Maps synchronize views of a location using Google Maps, Street View and Google Earth. Street Earth Maps are very simple to create for any location and are free to use.

15 Dec 2014

Map Channels v4.11

Version 4.11 includes support for some of the changes to Google's My Maps service.

28 Nov 2014

Venue Maps

Venue Maps : display maps and street view for any location. Users who sign in with their Google accounts can save places from a Venue Map to view later on the main Google Maps site and mobile apps.

28 Nov 2014

Map Channels v4.10

Map Channels v4.10 has been released with a few new features and bug fixes.

The major new feature is the ability to set a styled map type for your map. Styled map types let you change the colours and elements displayed on the map tiles.

A gallery of standard styled map types is available to choose from, provided by Snazzy Maps.

The new release is applied when you update your v4 Map Channel settings.

16 Nov 2013

Local Maps

Local Maps provide a simple way to create a map displaying a single place marker plus a number of optional features :

1. Multiple map views
2. Google Street View
3. Driving Directions
4. Search using Google Places
5. Layers (weather, traffic and photos)
6. Distance measurement tools.

Local Maps are free to use and do not require registration to create.

27 Oct 2013

Open Tour Map is a new project to discover and share interesting places for people to visit. The project is developed by Rob McMahon from Map Channels and Keir Clarke from Google Maps Mania.

If you have a suitable tour stored in KML format please visit the site and share it. Tours are displayed individually and also on a combined fusion map.

We can provide custom website designs to manage and map user-contributed content.

18 Oct 2013

Deprecated Projects Notice

The Google version 2 Maps API is being retired on November 19th 2013. Map Channels tools which use this API are listed on the Deprecated Projects page. Please visit the Deprecated Projects page and switch to a newer project which uses the current version 3 Maps API. After November 19th deprecated projects may not longer function.

4 Oct 2013

Server Migration 25 August 2013

This website is moving to a faster server this weekend and may be unavailable for a few hours during the migration. Maps hosted at should be unaffected. Subscribe to our twitter feed @mapchannels for status updates.

21 Aug 2013

Our new website at is the home for a number of new mapping projects. Team Maps combines features from several Map Channels projects. Use Team Maps to created advanced maps with an index bar, filters, clustering, multiple feeds, place editing, and more.

13 Jun 2013

Map Channels v4 Bug Fix

A bug fix was made to the v4 javascript code after a change in the Google Maps API prevented some info windows from opening when markers were clicked. If you are using locally hosted v4 maps please update your files.

5 Dec 2012

Map Channels v4 Update

Changes have been made to the way v4 Map Channels are embedded which fixes a problem where some maps were not displaying correctly in some browsers. It is recommended to change the code that you use to embed your v4 Map Channels.

25 Nov 2012

New Subscriptions Ending

From 1st January 2013 the option to upgrade to subscriber status will no longer be available. This change will not affect existing subscribers who will continue to enjoy the benefits listed on the donation page. Even if you are not a subscriber you can still use Map Channels tools. Adverts are enabled for maps hosted on Map Channels but can be removed for v4 maps hosted on your own website. There will be a new Map Channels project announced early next year which will provide more powerful mapping tools through a new website. We are seeking resellers and integrators for this new project who can help us with development and marketing. To find out more please contact us.

25 Nov 2012

Map Channels v4.09 and Tour Map Updates

Map Channels v4.09 contains a number of small improvements. There are major improvements for Tour Maps including a new info window style and local inline hosting. Tour Map settings are now stored between sessions.

2 Aug 2012

Tour Maps for Map Channels v4

Tour Maps are a new mapping tool that can display an animated route and placemarks as they appear along the route. Tour Maps are available for all v4 Map Channels created using a KML feed (e.g. With Google My Maps/Places)

24 Jul 2012

Map Channels v4.08 Update

This update contains a lot of improvements and new features. View the Map Channels home page for a full list of changes.

5 Jul 2012

Trail Charts API

Trail Charts is a mapping API which can be used on your website to display a large number of separate KML feeds (trails) on a map. A speadsheet is the main data source, containing one row per trail. Any number of additional columns (fields) can be contained in the speadsheet. Template functions allow you to easily customize how these fields are displayed within the map. Two maps are used, the first map displays the overall area and the second map displays the currently selected trail. Menus and submenus can filter your trails by category or by date.

14 Mar 2012

Google's new usage charges for the Maps API

Google have recently announced that they will be introducing usage charges for websites which exceed 25,000 Map API calls per day, see These changes may affect Map Channels as the usage will be applied to the combined maps total for the domain which is currently in excess of this limit. I am working on ways to avoid these charges and am still hopeful that Google will revise the plan to offer a better deal for map developer sites such as Map Channels. Google intend to charge $4 per 1,000 map API 'hits' which would be far in excess of all site income from adsense and donations. The usage charges are not being applied until 'early 2012' so there will be no immediate effect on Map Channels. As an initial step Dual Maps and Mobile Place Maps have been moved to separate domains at and Additional map hosting domains may be added later to spread the load of maps usage and avoid the usage charges. Announcements will be made through the site should any major changes need to be made to Map Channels. Please subscribe to our Twitter and RSS News feeds for the latest information.

11 Nov 2011

Map Channels v4.07 Update

1. Improved tooltips, now available for polylines and polygons. 2. Import data into edit enabled maps. 3. Geocoder for edit enabled maps. Add or update place co-ordinates for your data. Interactive menus to select the correct address where multiple results are obtained. 4. Place Limit increased for edit enabled maps from 50 to 500 places for non-subscribers. Subscribers have a limit of 1,000 places per map.

4 Nov 2011

Map Channels v4.06 : Edit Enabled Maps

1. Manage your collection of places: add, edit or delete placemarks. 2. Option for visitors to contribute places to your map. 3. Add custom fields to places. 4. Customize the display of place data within the info window, sidebar and tooltip. 5. Access to all other v4 Map Channel features. Further features will be added for Edit Enabled Maps soon.

27 Sep 2011

Map Channels Version 4.05 Update

New features 1. Search facility powered by the Google Places API. 2. Define a list of localities, giving quick links to map locations. 3. The footer bar can be customized using an HTML template to show categories, layers and localities. 4. An Information panel can be used in addition to the info window to display detailed place information. User Interface Improvements 1. A map is provided to (optionally) set the initial map centre and zoom level. 2. A preview of the feed data is displayed (useful to spot if an incorrect feed url has been supplied). 3. Additional help for setting up a data feed.

2 Aug 2011

Map Channels Version 4.04 Update

Custom Map Styles are now available for Map Channels v4.

8 Jul 2011

Map Channels Version 4.03 Update

New Features include : Support for Fusion Table and KML Map Layers, Header and Footer Panels, Map Information Panel, New Category Filter Options, Direct Upload of Map Feeds.

30 Jun 2011

Map Channels Version 4.02 Update

New Features include : Support for Fusion Table and KML Map Layers, Header and Footer Panels, Map Information Panel, New Category Filter Options, Direct Upload of Map Feeds.

15 Jun 2011

Dual Maps v3.03 Update

Combine Google Maps, Street View and Bing Maps. There is a new option for Dual Maps to set the street view direction automatically. Additionally, the street view is hidden if no panorama is found for the initial location.

28 May 2011

Map Channels Hotels

Find your hotel bargain using Map Channels Hotels. The website has been updated to show hotels from multiple suppliers with a new, easy to use search interface. See hotels in Street View, filter results by name or price. Search and compare to book your rooms effortlessly.

12 May 2011

Route Maps

Use Route Maps to animate your journey and preview the route from multiple view points. Route Maps is a new control combining directions, maps, street view and birds eye imagery. Route Maps are easy to create and embed in your web page, an API is also included.

23 Apr 2011

Dual Maps v3.02 Update

Dual Maps has been updated. Added display of Current Direction. Added Traffic, Panoramio and Wikipedia Layers. Made Google Search Bar Optional. Restored the pegman icon option. Fixed bug preventing the Bing map from displaying correctly in some cases.

10 Apr 2011

Map Channels Version 4 Released

Map Channels v4 is now out of beta and ready to use. Create embedded maps from KML, GeoRSS or Spreadsheet data with the new easy-to-use interface. Development is ongoing and more features will be added soon. Contact us if you would like custom features added.

4 Apr 2011

Map Channels Version 4 Beta Available

Using the latest Google Maps API for better performance and new features.

23 Mar 2011

Upcoming Changes To The Donation System

The current donation system for will be no longer be available from 7th March, 2011.
A new subscription system will be introduced later in the year, so there will be a period where upgrading to Pro User will not be possible.
If you would like to upgrade to Pro User status before the changes occur please visit
Existing Pro Users will be unaffected by these changes, all Pro Users will continue to have the option to disable ads for v2 and v3 Map Channels.

15 Feb 2011

Location Maps

Location Maps are a new simple map control. Display a Google Map and/or Street View for a selected location. Uses the Google Maps v3 API.

26 Aug 2010

New Server and Menus

The site is now hosted on a much more powerful server than before. The menu system has also been redesigned to improve site navigation.

8 Aug 2010

New Donation System

Upgrade to Pro User for extra options.

1 Jun 2010

Mobile GeoRSS Maps

The easy way to add mapping for mobile websites

28 Jan 2010

Switch Maps

Combine multiple map types - simple embeddable control

10 Jan 2010

Iran Election Twitter Map

Mapping tweets about the Iran Election

17 Jun 2009

Map Feed Converter v1

A utility to convert data between KML and tab-delimited format

15 Jun 2009

Map Channels Version 3.02

Updated to fix some bugs and add new features.

1 Jun 2009

Dual Maps version 3

Dual Maps has been updated to include extra options and Google Local Search. The project has also moved to a faster server at Mashed World.

12 Apr 2009

Street Tours

Use Street Tours to map your favourite Google street views. Share Street Tours with other users and embed them into your own website.

30 Mar 2009

An example site using Map Channels v3 to display event and venue maps.

22 Mar 2009

World Holiday Map

An example site using Map Channels v3 to map hotels.

20 Mar 2009

Instant Map Creator

Easily create a map and 'find directions' panel for a single location. Built on the Map Channels v3 code.

7 Mar 2009

Map Channels Version 3.01

Updated to fix some bugs and add new features. Google Map Maker tiles can now be selected.

2 Mar 2009

Map Channels Version 3

Version 3 is a full re-write of the Map Channels Code. New features include clustering, spreadsheet feed support, Virtual Earth, Street View and more.

22 Feb 2009

Team Maps

Team Maps are maps which you can embed on your web page and which can be edited by your site visitors.

23 Dec 2008

Quiz maps

Quiz Maps are geographical quizes using Google Maps and Panoramio Images.

5 Dec 2008

Map Channels Events

Interactive event calendars and venue maps. Find events by name, category, date or location. Ticket price comparison. View city tours, attractions and activities. Explore venues with Google Street View and Google Earth

24 Sep 2008

News Archive

17 Aug 08 : Feed Maps

Feed Maps is a new API available from Map Channels. Use Feed Maps to easily add a map containing one or more feeds to your website. A number of example tutorials are included. Formatted supported include KML, GeoRSS, Tab-delimited text and Google Spreadsheets.

July 08 : Street Cities

Street Cities is a new site created by Map Channels which hosts embeddable Street View controls.

7 Apr 08 : Miscellaneous Improvements
  • (v2.13) Fix for maps which use the Maps-for-Free relief layer (the url used by these map tiles changed).
  • (v2.12) Support for custom markers in My Maps which use a size other than the standard 32 x 32 pixel size.
  • Fix for a bug where the 'Get Directions' link was not being displayed.
  • A 'pointer' cursor (hand shape) is displayed when the mouse is over a sidebar element.
  • The colour of the 'Previous' and 'Next' links is set to the user specified text colour.
26 Mar 08 : Dual Maps and Street View Driver
  • Dual Maps - combine Google Maps with Microsoft Virtual Earth Maps. Dual Maps let you compare imagery between the map APIs, use the Virtual Earth bird's eye view and the Google Street View. Dual Maps version 2 features a number of improvements for the display of Google Street Views. Street Views are now displayed in a separate pane above the Google map. A vehicle marker and 'Field of View' overlay tracks your current location on both maps as you move through the Street View panorama.
  • Street View Driver - Drive-Thru Street Views (just for fun)
9 Feb 08 : Lat49 Mapvertisments and The Food Directory
  • A new advert option allows you to earn money from your maps through Lat 49 mapvertising.
  • The Map Channels Food Directory is a map-based site profiling restuarants around the world. The site is currently beta, more restaurants and features will be added soon.
  • A new flight search form has been added to the home page. This feature uses Momondo, the world's best flight search engine. Flight Search has also been added to the Map Channels Hotel and Attractions Directory
  • Further support for geoRSS - now showing lines and polygons.
  • Fix for a bug which was preventing the refresh of map data when a KML source was modified.
  • Display of the Zoom In/Out links in info windows is now optional.
30 Dec 07 : A few improvements and fixes
  • A preload option to size info windows correctly, preventing overflow of the images.
  • A fix for display of markers in Internet Explorer 6 (the transparent background is shown correctly).
  • Filters can be created for polygons and polylines.
  • Line length in miles and km can be optionally added to the description of polylines.
  • Horizontal and vertical scrollbars are only displayed in the sidebar when required.
26 Dec 07: The Website Atlas
  • Website Atlas - a new feature we are developing. The atlas indexes websites which use maps, including Map Channels and APIs such as the Google, Yahoo and Microsoft APIs. This feature replaces the Big Map page that used to display users' Map Channels.
  • Terrain Layer - a new Google Map Layer and a new style for the Map Type Control.
  • Extra Map Channel Options - 100 % width option and reduced size icons for the side bar.
  • Batch Geocoding Example - preview the free batch geocoding service in action.
  • Various Bugfixes - A bug preventing display of maps in Opera has been fixed. The sidebar scrollbar works correctly for all supported browsers. The width bug affecting Internet Explorer 6 info windows is fixed.

26 Nov 07: Batch Geocoding and a lot more features
  • Geocoding - the new Geocoding section lets you look up the location of an address or lat long value. The Batch Geocoding facility allows you to geocode a tab-delimited file containing up to 200 addresses and create a Map Channel directly from the data. An additional feature lets you compare the geocoded location against an existing location, useful for improving the accuracy of an existing location database.
  • Slide Show - the slide show feature has been restored and improved. An customizable on-map control lets you play or pause the slideshow.
  • Maximizable Info Windows - this feature is a useful alternative for displaying info windows which have a lengthy description or large images. When first clicked a small info window containing the place name is displayed. Click the 'Expand' control to expand the info window to nearly the full map area using the same style that Google use on their local map pages. Google Bar - This is an improvement on the Google Local Search control, taking up less screen space than before
  • Relief Layer - this can be added as an extra map type and shows terrain elevation by colour up to zoom level 11.
  • Improved Support for GeoRSS files - RSS files using Simple GeoRSS, GML or W3C formats can now be imported. Only single point placemarks are supported (we are working on support for lines and polygons).

30 Oct 07: Several Updates
Some new features are available for embedded maps :
• Internal Search - to search names and descriptions within your map data.
• Navigation Tools - you can include a set of map pan and zoom controls in the toolbar and remove 'control clutter' from the main map area.
• Drag Zoom control - allows quick zooming to an exact section of the map in a single operation. This control is developed by Andre Lewis at and licensed under the Apache Licence.

The Map Channels Code is now licensed under the Apache License v2.0 which still allows you to use the code without charge for commercial and non-commercial use.

The Tutorials section has been expanded. There is still more information to add to these tutorials - please use the contact form if you have any specific questions.

We have removed the quick map option as the advanced map option can now provide maps without a sidebar if required.

An important change is the storage for map scripts. Script data is now stored on a separate site and will load more quickly than before. This change will allow users to create many more maps through the site without slowing down the site speed. Additionally a bug fix has removed caching problems that occured when script are added to a static HTML page.

Further features are under development for the next release. Please contact us with new feature requests or if you have any custom mapping requirements.

Oct 07: Major Update
After a break for other projects Map Channels has been updated with improvements in a number of areas.

• Site restructuring to help navigation
• Channel Management Improvements
• New Map Channels can be created using the style settings of an existing channel.
• The Channel Sidebar format has been re-organised
• Local scripts have been simplified and bugs fixed
• A Hotels Directory has been added as a subdomain at
• A Google Mapplets section has been added. We also offer a Mapplet design service.

Limited Google adverts are now displayed within embedded maps. These ads are kept as unobtrusive as possible at the bottom of the Tools sidebar and help fund site development.

The slideshow facility has temporarily been removed, we will restore this soon.

Thanks for the user feedback that has help to add some of the new features. Further features are in the pipeline to further improve the Map Channels service. Please contact us if you have any feature requests.

Aug 07: Update
Three new features have been added

Quick Map Option - for people wanting a simple map select this option to add a map with minimal code overhead. Not all style options (e.g. the sidebar and search channels) are available for quick maps.

Ads Layer Option - Google have released new features allowing ads to be included on maps and local search results. This is a beta feature which currently only provides ads for businesses based in the USA. You can specifiy for own AdSense ID and earn money from your map.

Tooltip Finetuning - Allows positioning of tooltips so they appear adjacent to markers.

There are also a number of minor style changes and bugfixes to generally improve the site.

Jul 07: Events Channel is a subdomain of the main Map Channels site. This facility indexes events and ticket availability for thousands of events, primarily in the USA and Canada. The site also contains links to KML files which list venues within regions or for a particular performer. You can include these venue KMLs within your own map and also an event search channel.

Jul 07: Map Channels Launched
Map Channels is a new site building upon the design of our previous website My Maps Plus. The aim of the site is still to provide a means to easily embed advanced maps into your website or blog.

The name has been changed as the scope of the website is expanding beyond maps created by Google My Maps. We now aim to support other maps created using the KML format and also geo-coded data feeds using the GeoRSS format.

My Maps Plus will continue as a website for users who might not want all the features available here. Development of new features will now be take place on the Map Channels site.

As always feedback and suggestions are welcome. Feedback has helped to develop new features for My Maps Plus so we are hoping to add additional features for Map Channels based on user feedback. We try to reply to all comments you send in.


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