About Street Tours

Street Tours is an alpha project which is currently in development. The code is subject to change before the project is released.

Street Tours combine Google Street View and Maps to display an interactive tour.

Tours can display mutiple outdoor or indoor locations.

Clickable labels can be displayed within the street view panorama to provide additional information for the user.

Get Started

You must register and login to the site (which is free). You need to obtain a Google Maps API key (also free) and store this in your User Profile.

Use the Street Tours dashboard to create new street tours and manage existing tours. Detailed instructions on editing street tours are included in the street tour editor page.


The Street Tour code includes a modified version of PanoMarker which is released under an Apache License.

Thanks to Dalibor Tesanovic at 360ninja.com for ideas and help with this project.


Please contact us with any feedback, suggestions or bug reports.

We can develop custom projects incorporating features from Street Tours.

View a demonstration Street Tour

You need to log in to create a Street Tour.

Register here for a free user account.


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