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Create a treasure hunt game using Google Maps and Street View to share with others.


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Tour of London
Tour of Dorset
Image from See Bournemouth
Demonstration Map
Image from Panoramio

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About Treasure Maps

• Treasure Maps create a 'treasure hunt' style game using Google Maps and Street View. Follow clues to discover a series of places on the map.

• You can navigate either by clicking directly on the map or by clicking on the navigation arrows within Google Street View

• When you get close to your destination an image is displayed in the street view panorama, along with a 'You Are Close!' message in the top right corner. A proximity indicator shows approximately how close you are.

• Click on the image displayed within the street view panorama when you find a place. After finding a place you obtain a clue to the next place to search for.

• For extra assistance there is a bounding circle showing the area which contains the target destination. As you move closer towards the destination this circle will reduce in size.

• You can play one of the featured Treasure Maps below or use the simple editor tool to create your own Treasure Maps.


This is a beta project and may contain bugs. If you find a bug or have a suggestion to improve the game please contact us.

Create Your Own Treasure Map

• Use the Treasure Map Edit Page to add, edit and delete places from your Treasure Map and change various map settings.

• For each place you should choose the map location and then select a nearby street view that contains a view of the place.

• You should set a clue for each place and also select an image that is displayed alongside the clue and within the street view. The image is not mandatory but helps to create a better experience for the user.

• Please ensure that you have the right to use the image and where appropriate provide image attribution and a link which will be displayed beneath the image.

• You can also add a description and a website link for each place to provide supplementary information

• Each place has a field called 'order' which sets the order in which images are displayed during the game. A random number between 0 and 1 is added to the order each game. You can assign the same order value to multiple places and randomize the order that places will apear during the treasure hunt.

• The range value is the distance in metres where the place's image is displayed in the street view. The default value is 50 metres.

Terms and Conditions

• Maps are free to use provided thgat you do not modify the code used to display the maps.

• Images within the map must either be your own property or be used in accordance with the image's licence. Where appropriate include a link to the original image's site/author.

• Maps should not include content which is offensive or which breaches personal privacy. The map should comply with the Google Maps API terms and conditions.

Custom Projects

We can develop custom projects. If you have an idea for a web-based mapping project please contact us.


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