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Map Channels Version 4

Map Channels Version 4.10 Change Log

25 Nov 2013

Interface Improvemens

• The About page has been updated and expanded.

• The Tutorial page has been expanded and now includes a guide to creating a KML feed using Google Maps Engine Lite.

• The Edit Page now contains more information about available settings.

• The Create Map Channel page now supports KML feeds which contain a network link.

New features

• A range of pre-defined Styled Map Types are available as an alternative to the standard road map. You can also use your own styled map type. Thanks to Snazzy Maps for sharing their library of styled map types.

• A 'My location' button is available which will geolocate the user's location and zoom the map to that location.

• Additional links are available for the header bar such as the 'Full Page Map' link.

• The info window (or Info Panel) can now include a link to a Local Map.

• There is a new info panel option which displays the info panel in the lower half of the map area and resizes the map. This is now the default setting when creating new Map Channels.

• When the info panel is enabled the place links (e.g. zoom, directions, street view) are now displayed within the info panel (instead of the info window).

• A Street View link is only displayed in the info window (or panel) when street view imagery is available near to the selected place.

Improvements and Bugfixes

• All users can now create edit-enabled maps (one per standard user, up to 5 for supporters).

• The place 'zoom' link has been replaced by separate 'zoom in' and 'zoom out' links.

• The marker and index refresh code has been speeded up.

• The bounds filter code has been improved, removing a bug where sometimes multiple places were highlighted in the sidebar index.

• Polylines and polygons are now displayed or hidden with the bounds filter.

• A bug which allowed multiple info windows to be displayed has been fixed.

• In the sidebar the positions of the text filter and locality drop down list have been moved.

• More words and phrases are available to translate or modify using the dictionary.

About Map Channels v4

Map Channels version 4 is a tool which lets you create a Google Map for your website without the need for coding.

Map Channels v4 is free to use. To get started register for a free acount and use the Map Channels v4 Dashboard to create your map.

Supporters who donate to the site get access to additional features and map limits.

Use Map Channels v4 to map an existing feed or to create an edit enabled map.

Feed types supported include KML, GeoRSS and tab-separated text. Google Spreadsheet data can be mapped as tab-delimited text.

Map Channels v4 uses the latest Google Maps version 3 API and is compatible with mobile devices.

If you have created a version 2 or 3 Map Channel you should upgrade to version 4.

An Example Map Channel

The Dashboard lets you manage your Map Channels.

Each map has it's own settings page where you can configure options and preview the map.

To embed the map just copy and paste a simple script into your web page.

Alternatively you can link to a full page map view.

Edit enabled maps allow the map data to be edited and let users contribute places to your map.

You can define the edit policy to control who can add places and whether contributions are moderated before being added to your map.

Edit enabled maps are only available to supporters who have donated to the site.

Supporters also have access to the local hosting option which lets you host all the code required for the map on your own website.

Define The Marker Categories

Creating a map is a simple process. After you have created the map use the settings page to adjust a range of options.

You can choose between the standard map types of road map, satellite, hybrid or terrain. You can also choose from a range of styled map types to produce a map that fits with your own website style.

You can define a set of categories for your placemarks. A category filter lets users view markers within selected categories.

You can use the data schema to control how text is displayed within the info windows, sidebar and tooltips.

Layers which can be displayed on your map include traffic, weather and Panoramio photos. KML layers and Fusion Table Layers can also be displayed.

An existing map can be used as a template when creating a new map to minimize the initial configuration required.

Find more information in the Tutorial and the API Reference.

Choose A Styled Map Type


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