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• Free Mapping and Navigation Tools
• Embed a Google Map into your Website or Blog Without Coding
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Map Channels v5 Primer

Feature List

• Add Google Maps to your website without coding

• Free to use

• Embed within a web page or link to a full page map

• Create from KML, CSV or TSV feeds. Display multiple feeds

• Display and edit data created using Google My Maps

• Index side bar with layers

• Filters : name, layers, categories

• Tooltips

• Get Directions with bookmark link

• Print Map option

• Geolocation : display your location on the map

• Business Name / Address Search

• Street View

• Mapping Tools

• External KML Layers

• Secure Hosting option

• Custom Map Styling

• Customize text and links

• Display bookmark links for places

• Link to specialized maps : Local Maps, Dual Maps and Tour Maps


Updated: 26 Oct 2015



Editable Map Options

• Add, edit or delete placemarks

• Organize places into layers

• Define additional place data fields

• Select a street view to show for each place

• User place contribution option

• Email notification when new places are added

• KML export



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